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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  November 17, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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. this is wjztv, wjzhd and wjz. it's wjz maryland's news station. it was a scene out of the "wizard of oz." all you feel is the building picking up. you hear wind banging against the windows. >> reporter: a powerful storm rages through maryland leaving behind a trail of destruction. >> reporter: tonight a survey of the damage and whether or not a tornado touched down. here's what people are talking about tonight. it could have been a tornado or just strong winds. whatever it was it left a big
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mess. an unbelievable sight. you can see the wind picked up a roof. the northeast part of town was hit hard. you can see the wind lift off the chimney off this home. there are now about 700 customers without power. wjz is staying on this story with extensive coverage. got a good look at the damage, kelly. >> reporter: the city has en acted a curfew where the two apartment buildings are located that no longer have roofs. no one will be allowed into this area until tomorrow morning. winds ripped apart dozens of homes. 16 buildings in the apartments are condemned. roofs flew off and landed in a pile of rubble hundreds of feet
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away. >> i looked around and it looked like i was in a war zone. before i could brace myself for what i knew had to be disastrous i was hit in the face with some sort of debris. a brick or part of the ceiling. >> reporter: thousands remany without power. >> our lights are out and my food is still half frozen. >> reporter: people that live in more than 350 units in this city cannot go home. a lot of them are coming to this shelter. >> we're waiting until tomorrow. >> in the faces of others the ones that have lost their homes knowing they don't have nothing to go to and that is hear breaking. >> reporter: the storms pushed cars on top of each other. evacuees plan to assess the damage to their homes. >> reporter: the cities will
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escort families home in the morning. >> we think it's going to take the entire day but we're going to get it done. >> reporter: the housing department tells me that the goal is to start tomorrow morning bringing in the folks who live in the units that have been condemned so they can get their personal belongings and then everyone else will be allowed back in to be sure the homes remaining here are safe. kelly, thank you and first 20 coverage continues with kei jackson. how does it look? >> reporter: it looks bad in some areas, depending on where you are. they are sad they lost property, thankful they didn't lose lives. at the intersection of 4th avenue and hopey road. the tree crashed on to the roof of this house.
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residents forces out. >> i was thankful it didn't get anybody hurt. it was crazy. >> reporter: the storm cut a path of destruction. power lines were knocked down. more than 90 homes were damaged. residents woke up shell shocked. >> the top of the hot tub was gone. >> reporter: residents tell us when this massive tree came crashing on to the roof of the house people were inside sleeping. fortunately no one was hurt. >> they lost their home next door to us because the whole tree is on top of their house. >> reporter: the debate -- suffice it to say it was a sleeping giant that awoke other sleeping giants.
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>> you can see the path that it took right straight through. >> reporter: here at this house they will have to remove the tree and building inspectors will have to determine if the house will have to be raised. >> reporter: the big question is was this a tornado? bernadette takes us back to when the storm hit. >> reporter: neither of the storms made their way through the overnight hours. here's the time frame. it was between 1:00 and 2:00 and this is where we have seen most of the damage. now the national weather service has been assessing this during the day. they are not going to come out with a full report until tomorrow. another thing has happened today, the winds were a major factor. over 50 miles per hour wind gusts in dover, camp david and close to frost burg. now in baltimore here, 46 miles per hour was our peak wind
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gust. fortunately all of this is starting to die down. we'll have a full report coming up. the storm caused damage up and down the east coast. check out this video. you can see entire brick walls crumple. a total of 130 trucks were damaged. and just outside philadelphia high winds tore through a metals processing plant taking out poles nearby. straight line winds carved a path more than half a mile long. winds came in from north carolina all the way to new york. history is made in baltimore city. tonight teachers passed a landmark contract tying their salary to the success of their students. >> our teachers have shown the country how much they love
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their profession and their students and have voted in favor of our. >> reporter: just weeks after striking it down, city school teachers now voted in favor of a contract that brings changes to the way teachers are paid. teachers salaries will be based on student performance and training outside of the classroom or professional development. the 4 tier career ladder allows teachers to advance quicker. >> whatever you're doing after school that teachers normally do and don't get paid for, now you can get achievement units. >> reporter: school leaders say with better pay schools can attract and keep highly qualified teachers. still some teachers do not think this will work. >> i've never met somebody who doesn't want to do their job
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well. i've met people who don't do their job well. paying them more is not going to make them do better. >> reporter: the contract passed by 857 votes makes city teachers the highest paid in the state. >> baltimore police say a group of kids were responsible for stealing exotic animals. made off with several reptiles and even a rare cock roach. say 5 children brought the animals to the house just a mile away. for cang man andy -- congressman andy harris, the issue of health care has gotten personal. >> reporter: republican andy harris wrote an anti obama. >> we'll show the nation our
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ideas and how we differ from the team in place now. >> reporter: so it stand to reason that when the congressman was asked when his new government health insurance. >> that sounds like a hypocrite. >> i saw that article in the paper. seems rather strange. >> reporter: despite repeated requests, wjz got no answer from his staff. was told 28 days before his new benefits kick in. the maryland's -- is beside itself. >> health care advocates point to some new constituents struggling to get health care. >> he actually takes a second to seek about what's happened and he really withdraw his efforts to repeal the act. >> reporter: harris was not
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available to comment today but has said he wants to clarify, not complain. his statement may be innocent but a congressman should know that innocence is. harris beat out pat cat ohville. the nation's security chief is taking a hard chance on controversial body scanners. the other option is a pat down that many passengers say is too introduce i have. but -- intrusive. >> do i understand the sense sensitivities of people, yes. am i going the change the policies? no. i think that's what's being informed by the latest. >> reporter: the busiest travel
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days of the year are just a week away. some passengers are boycotting air travel because of the screening method. a milestone in the history of the u.s. auto industry. starting tomorrow morning gm will begin offering stock which means ends the government's role as major shareholder. a huge honor for baltimore tennis star shriver. the first ever to be given the cyst i can fibrosis -- some of the tennis world's biggest stars were at tonight's dinner as she said fair well. >> that's billy jean king. 500 million people use facebook, but up next a new
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jersey wants to stop it. why he says facebook is down right sinful. he's called the merchant of death, what's next with. rage over the rum baa. bristol palin is still dancing. i'll have a complete first warning forecast coming up next. [ male announcer ] southwest is having a nationwide sale,
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it is 46 degrees and clear in central maryland right now. the complete weather forecast is coming up. parents and children are tear orized when masked robbers invade a chucky cheese in california. shows a teenage employee thrown to the ground at gun point. police say customers were forced into a storage room while the three robbers emptied the cash registers. is suspects are still at large. he is called the merchant of death and now a former soviet officer is in u.s. custody. he was arrested for attempting to sell arms to a columbian drug gang. he is notorious and has been
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supplying weapons around the world for almost 20 years. he pleaded not guilty. his presence in the united states may have an effect on our relationship with russia. after watching bristol palin win on dancing with the stars. he began cursing about politics and then sent a shotgun blast through the television. officers eventually coaxed the 67-year-old out of the house and arrested him. the national outcry wasn't enough but a threat from the federal government was. the maker of drinks is pulling the plug on a popular brand. what's happening to 4 loke oh. >> what's inside here is an unsafe food additive. the best today said alcohol and
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caffeine don't mix. 444 although co -- you cannot combine caffeine and alcohol. >> scores of college kids have been hospitalized and several states have banned the stuff. here's why it's so dangerous. drinking just 3 of these 4 4 lock ohs is like like. >> we stopped sell it. >> and despite the press, interest has jumped. >> people are saying, do you have any of that stuff i heard about on the news. the 40 companies now have
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15 days to respond to the fdas warning. one new jersey pastor, facebook has become a little too social and is leading to infidelity. he has seen examples of this. he believes the social network reignites old passions. he is suggesting his married parishioners log off of facebook. they haven't set a date but the royal wedding has souvenir shops in london working overtime. economists say tourism will even get a boost. the souvenirs may even include a t-shirt saying, my parents went to the royal wedding and all i got was this lousy t- shirt. a plate that you serve your did he deviled eggs on. it should be in a cabinet. that's like those t-shirts.
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we went to jamaica and all i got was a t-shirt. let's look at the weather. it looks like a pretty decent picture. the barometer is on the way back up after it was really low last night with that deep storm. 36 in oak lands, 49 in east lands. the dewpoint is down to 34. some areas away from the city may get down to the mid-30s by tomorrow morning. by the way the leo nid meet or shower is happening tonight. right now the winds out of the west. last night kept us in the mows appeared warm air. a high was reached just before 1:00 and that's when those storms crushed the area. that storm is way up in eastern
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sections of quebec. this low is going to pass to our south. may bring some clouds, may bring a sprinkle tomorrow afternoon. but we'll probably get cloudy for a while. it looks like a very nice but cooler end of the week. the low zipped on by. and saturday not a bad day, but sunday another weak system, it brings the two clouds a little bit cooler by sunday. but next week at least for a few days, this high moves off and we get a bit of a warm up for early next week. then it looks like a much cooler ms after thanksgiving. gusts to 20 knots. the bay temperature down to around 54 now.
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so tonight clear to partly cloudy. and the winds dying down. mid to upper 30s. sunshine and then some increasing clouds, high around 54 tomorrow, that's slightly below our average. the next 5 days, chilly. the high down around freezing. a lot of sunshine and a few clouds, 53 on sunday. 61 on monday. denise. all right. thank you, bob. coming up, play like a raven means play with pain. means play with pain. sports coming up next. ,,,,,
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[ male announcer ] baltimore. a city that's been inspiring ideas and innovation since 1729. at bank of america, we live, work and help serve the community here
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through hundreds of branches and atms. every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion. from supporting the university of maryland medical center... to the restoration of the hippodrome theater and american brewery building. because when you're giving, lending and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen. i guess if you're a big tough football player and make millions you should. >> that's what they do, heading into the 11th week the brutality of the game takes its toll. the carolina panthers have likely lost their starting
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quarterback to a concussion. but the ravens are holding up practicing today in owens mill. they have avoided so far. or mason just plays through the pain. i asked him about the desire to keep playing. >> that's the way i was brought up. you tape, you play through pain. and if you can go out there and run and catch the ball, then do it. but right now i believe i feel better than i've ever felt before at this stage of the season, especially the last three years. >> reporter: he's been playing hurt most of his career. and you can add an ankle injury to his ailments. he said he's good for sundays. in charlotte north carolina you can see them take on the struggling and injured carolina panthers. get to know this young man,
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dillon. toil a playing host tonight. he scores 22 points. the retrievers lead. randy monroe intense on the sidelines, get them, coach. they scored 11 straight points in the 2nd half. a baby faced sharp shooter. he hit 5 of the 7 attempts. he totaled 20. the hounds win it. its their first victory. from the freshman to the nba. because of a foot injury as he sat the celtics brought the pain to the wizards. washington turns it over. kevin garnet will finish. wizards under manned. american soccer fans in cape town south africa returning to the site of the world cup. final game of the year for the
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americans. u.s. in blue into the box. michael to john, he'll knock it in off the cross bar. that gives the u.s. the lead. number 17 is 17 years old. that makes him the youngers american ever to score a goal in an international match. gives the game winner, the next world cup these guys might be ready for it. those fans will be ready, too. underwater treasure. >> this 200-year-old champagne was quite a find and now ,,,,,,,
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30 years underwater, brought up this 1825 vicinity acknowledge. -- vintage. it is billed tas billed -- as the oldest champagne in the world. from electric to eclectic, the los angeles car show has it all. the leaf and the bolt. but the jaguar goes from 0 to 60 in under 3 seconds with a top speed of 205 miles per hour. >> you can't go that fast down tv hill, that's for sure. >> not t @
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